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April Stewart has spent the past two decades on Comedy Central’s, South Park

as the voices of Mrs.Cartman, Wendy Testaburger, Sharon & Shelly Marsh, The Mayor and over a hundred other characters.


April’s voice can also be heard in numerous cartoons, video games, commercials and movies which include, Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, 

The Great and Powerful Oz and Wreck-It-Ralph. Some of April’s most memorable roles include

“Raava” and “Fire Lord Izumi” from The Legend of Korra, “Empress Jessamine Kaldwin” and Corvo’s Heart” from Dishonored, “Maria” from El Tigre: Adventures of Manny Rivera, “Petra Venge” from Destiny, and

“Jean Grey” & “Psylocke” from Marvel Heroes


Before starting her Voiceover career, April spent the majority of her time on the stage in roles such as 

“Trina” in Falsettos, “Florence” in Chess, “Rita” in Prelude to a kiss, "The Girl” in Hot L Baltimore,

“Sorel Bliss” in Hay Fever, “Paulina” in A Winter’s Tale, “Meg” in A lie of the mind and

“Babe” in Crimes of the Heart

April studied classical, contemporary and musical theatre at The Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts. 

April is a mental health activist and a strong supporter of The National Alliance on Mental Health 

She is an avid music lover and The Dave Matthews Band hold a very special place in her heart. (Seriously. Don't get her started)

But above all else, April's favorite role in this life is, and always will be, Mom to her teenage daughter ❤️

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April Stewart

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